TMWSIY Gorge 2016 Variants

TMWSIY is a 3 color linocut print (first layer is a hand rolled fade), 15″ x 22″, limited edition of 150, for the Phish shows July 15 & 16 at The Gorge, available now for $35 plus shipping. There are two variants: TMWSIG (TMWSI Green) LE of 35 and the TMWSIM (TMWSI Midnight) LE of 10. Available Tuesday 7/19 at 7 PM EST

TMWSIG gorge variantTMWSIG Green Variant : limited edition of 35, available for $50 plus shipping

TMWSIM gorge variantTMWSIM Midnight Variant limited edition of 10. Sold out!
Process Pictures Photo Gallery!

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