All of Isadora’s Phish posters are limited edition printings that sell out quickly. Occasionally we will release some older posters from the archive. Shipping is $10 per tube and we can fit four posters safely in a tube. Contact Isadora if you have questions. Like Isadora on Facebook and follow her on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date! Thank you for supporting Isadora’s art!

Secrets of the Pyramid LE of 75. Available for $40 + shipping.

Curveball For Phish’s 11th festival, I decided to do something different. I made a set of 3 smaller prints printed from one block. With these prints I experimented with color theory and optical illusion. There is no main edition, instead there are a wide range of variants throughout the color spectrum. There are still a few black and white mono prints available
Gnarly Armor is a 3 layer linocut for Phish in Chicago, limited Edition of 115, with a 3 color fade on the first layer, and a silver/blue fade on the second layer. $35 plus shipping

The Carrion Crow is my newest Linocut print and my second Grateful Dead inspired print. Limited edition of 75, measuring 15×22, it’s a 3 layer linocut print (the 1st layer is a fade). For this print I was inspired by the song Mountains of the Moon, and focused on the Carrion Crow as well as the lyric “white wheat waving in the wind” to create a hops inspired homage to the Grateful Dead. Available for $35 plus shipping.

Never Ending Coral Maze is a 3 color linocut print, 15 x 21″, limited edition of 125, for the shows October 14 & 15, 2016 in North Charleston SC. Available now for $35 plus shipping. Emerald Maze variants here.

Dicks16 image1 rzBlast Off is a 3 color linocut print (one layer is a fade), 15″ x 21″, limited edition of 150, for the shows Sept 2 – 4 2016 at Dicks in Commerce City. Available for $40 plus shipping. Dicks variants are here.

Gorge16 Final NEW NEWTMWSIY is a 3 color linocut print (first layer is a hand rolled fade), 15″ x 22″, limited edition of 150, for the Phish shows July 15 & 16 at The Gorge. Available now for $35 plus shipping

spac16 FullSizeRenderOf a Feather is a 15″ x 21.5″ lincout print, limited edition of 125, for the shows July 1 -3 in Saratoga Spring NY at SPAC. There are two variants: blue/black (LE of 10) and black and white (LE of 25). Available for $35 plus shipping

Mex16_FINISHEDParadise is a 3 color linocut print (first layer is a hand rolled rainbow fade), 15″ x 21.5″, limited edition of 75, for the shows Jan 15-17 2016 at Riviera Maya Mexico. $35 plus shipping!

Fire In the Void LargeFire In The Void variant for Phish at Dick’s 2015 LE of 30. Available for $40 plus shipping

phill layer 3-5 FINISHED full print Jungles In My Mind is a 3 color linocut print (first layer is a 3 color fade), 15″ x 21.5″, limited edition of 125, for the shows Aug 11 & 12, 2015 in Philadelphia at The Mann Center. Available now for $35 plus shipping

fillacello-glass-prints I was commissioned to do 4 sets of Fillacello prints (a design used in glass art) by my friends at Joint Forces. They are 20″ x 20″ linocut prints, Limited Edition of 30 for each of the color variants. The titles are “Earth” for green, “Water” for blue, “Wind” for purple, and “Fire” for red. There are only three sets available for $200 plus shipping. I also have a few of the artist proofs.

Jazzfest_Layer2_Complete3_NEW “Jazzfest 2014” is a 2 color linocut print (silver & black), 15″ x 21.5″, limited edition of 100. $35 plus shipping.

strange-design“Dripping In This Strange Design” is a black and white linocut print, 15 x 21.5 inches, limited edition of 200. I made this print for Fall 2010. Strange design is a geometric cubist study of a fish. $40 plus shipping

fuego-shirts Fuego shirts! Based on my sold out 2014 SPAC print. Only one short sleeve M left.
$25 for short sleeve Fuego shirt (plus shipping)

Select a shirt size

portal-1rPortal shirts! Hand pulled silkscreen on Navy 100% Cotton Next Level short sleeve t-shirts. Printed with a water-based discharge ink that provide the absolute softest prints available! $25 plus shipping / $30 for larger sizes

Portal Shirt Sizes/Pricing

Tower Jam shirts $25 plus shipping / $30 for larger sizes. This is a run on 100% cotton Next Level shirts.

Tower Jam Blue Shirts

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