2011 Poster Subscription

I am offering a new subscription for Phish Summer 2011. I have been gathering all of my drawings and sketches and piecing together these prints. I’m currently working on a set of 4 prints that are a series that will be revealed soon. With the subscription you will receive a # that will be reserved for you even after the sub. ends. For those of you who are already subscribers your matching #s are still reserved. Here are the details:

$250 you get 10 prints + 1 bonus print and free shipping. The prints will cost between $25-$35 each depending on the run size.

I will be exploring several different printmaking processes this summer including screen print, linocut, and possible monotype. It’s always exciting to see your vision translated in new ways and keep things fresh.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for supporting my art everyone.

See you on tour, Isadora

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